There will be enough goats' milk for your food, for the food of your household...   Proverbs 27:27

Nigerian Dwarfs


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For Sale:  Two Pet Wethers
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     Welcome to Whitbred Goats in beautiful midcoast Maine!  We raise registered Nigerian Dwarfs  to provide the most delicious goats' milk there is for my family, and to promote the breed by offering qualified registered animals and pet wethers for sale.  
    The Nigerian Dwarf is uniquely suited to the decreasing farm size of today by requiring smaller shelter and land areas, while providing the highest quality milk available, both in flavor and nutrition.   Their good nature, hardiness and wide range of coloring make raising these small gems a joy.

If you enjoy creating in the kitchen then you'll love what you can make with Nigerian Dwarf milk.  Here are yogurt, milk, chevre, and feta from our own goats - delicious!

Showing goats is fun but also stressful. The reward comes when members of our herd show they can hold their own with some of the best dairy goats in New England. Fall 2010:  Whitbred Easy Street won Grand Champion Senior Doe at Topsfield (MA) Fair ADGA Show.  In 2007, a doe in our herd won Grand Champion, Best in Breed and Best in Show at the HOMDGA Spring Show against many lovely large breed dairy goats. Our goats also typically place in the top 50% or better at AGS Nigerian Dwarf shows around New England, with some of these classes exceeding 20 goats.



 Daily management includes free-choice sodium bicarbonate and Sweetlix minerals with copper.  Clean pens and daily attention provide pleasure to both goats and owners.  Our first year on DHI milk test (2007)showed that our goats earn their keep in the milk pail.  We have participated in DHI each year since with many Whitbred does earning their advanced registry milk stars.  During lactation we feed Blue Seal Dairy Goat pellets mixed with black oil sunflower seeds, EZ Pels, beet pulp, and alfalfa pellets, all topped off with flax seed.  The results show in their condition as well as the quality of their milk.  In fact, ADGA Appraiser Eric Germaine complimented us on the condition of our animals as he was appraising them in August 2008.

We strive to maintain a disease free herd.  The first several years we had goats, all adults were tested annually at WADDL for CAE (Elisa test) and Johne's, in addition to periodic testing for CL, TB and Brucellosis.  Results were negative in our first testing year, 2006, as well as each subsequent year.  We have never had an animal sicken with any of these diseases. March 2009 testing of all adults (one year old and above) was again NEGATIVE.  Members of our herd came only from farms which also routinely test negative and follow strict prevention methods.  While we no longer routinely test, since 2009 we have maintained a closed herd, stopped showing, and adhered to the strictest herd health practices.  Our animals do not cough, sneeze, or have eye problems.  The only medications we have given in the last two years are annual vaccines and supplements, as well as the occasional wormer.  We worked very hard to have healthy animals and are rightly proud of them.

All photos taken by Karin Stupca unless otherwise noted.

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